Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Allah is indeed the best planner


I may look strong at the outside
But the truth is I am completely fragile

Most of the time 
I don't know what is in my heart
I don't know what I really want
That I really need someone to bring it out and tell me what is the best for me
And I know to find 'someone' might takes some time or forever

And right now
I am not sure what should I think
And what should I do
I am just stuck in me trying to figure out everything

But despite of a lot of things that I'd gone through  
I know that Allah is the best planner after all
And I have to keep praying and have faith in Him

And when no one cares and listens
I know that Allah is
He hears and sees all


1 comment:

Azura Aziz said...

Assalam.. tq sudi singgah dan komen di blog kak Alycia ;)