Thursday, August 17, 2017

Me and Make up Thingy

Woooh! I hope I did not lose my readers yet :p

I can't remember when was the last time I was here, the only date that helps my short term memory now, was on the last post which is today; same day same month, but three years ago hahahah! At that time I was just about going into the third semester of uni-life, and now basically I'm J O B L E S S. Ouchhh. Too harsh. No, no. Won't use that term, at least not for now. Instead, let's just use the #roadtoconvo #roadtonaikpentas #roadtopencarianjodohyanghakiki #roadtonikah okok cukupp.  Guys, about three months from now, I'll be a proudly graduate from Universiti of Malaysia Sabah, Inshaa' Allah aminnn. Tazabar sangat. Who knows maybe after this I can be your accredited food's inspector! Or your food planner? Or simply your soul's food? ciaaaaa :p *siapa nak masuk meminang pun you are welcome to do that. I'll be here waitinggggggg*

Apart from actively jobless, I am now are so into dolling up sesh! Playing make up to be exact. You know, there is this one feeling of when you see your face's reflection at the mirror, it makes you feels so good and even make you wanna jump to excited state. Because make up does magic. Today your face might be super cute, tomorrow you have looks to die for, a day after you suddenly become anime character and you were like, *playing AYAM MEE's song by DSV* sambil menari sikeettt*

Okok please don't hate me girls 

One of the makeup look that I love the most ♥
And it is also by my favourite MUA: @She Shell Makeover (Facebook) @sheshell_makeover (Instagram)

Well of course when you feel pretty (bcs nobody said it so you have to claimed yourself lol), you can't just wipe it off and waste all those arts, so yes, photoshoot timeee! 

Haha ok lah ok lah selfie pun bolehlah right? 

Makeup by @trisztouch (Instagram), @Trisz AnasThasya (Facebook)
 I also really love this look on me. Boleh fefeeling gitew :p

I still remember back in secondary school my enthusiast towards make-up stuffs were so intense. Unfortunately since I wasn't born to have a pair of magic hands, I have to learn from the bottom and keep learning until now. Of couldn't afford going to any make-up classes (kashiannnnnnn T.T), and of disproving environment,  I have to learn all by myself from youtube videos with very limited tools. I think at that time I only could afford an eyebrow pallete which contained three basic earth colors; soft brown, dark brown and black, and I used them all for my eyebrows, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and contouring! Haha 4 in 1 youuu! Pallete tu pun actually ihsan my aunt hahahah

After loads of effort I think I finally can do makeup by my own now and of course not using borrowed item anymore hahah! Not saying I'm really pro at it but so-so laa, as long as I feel I look pretty when taking selfie hahaha. Weee thank you so much to all makeup youtuber that taught me online (oh they don't know me of course) and my MUA friends for sharing techniques and tactics! Actually there are more makeup looks that I love and so many famous MUA in KK that I've been admiring since then. But for now let's keep it limited. Why? Because there is something bigger for all of us, makeup lovers! Yes, keep on reading girls.

This is it! Makeup lovers please don't miss out this event. I assure your RM450 is worth paid for what you will get from this makeup desk. Just imagine, five top Kota Kinabalu's MUA will be there, collaborating with one of super talented MUA from Indonesia, non-other than mbak Khadijah Azzahra! Wow confirm we will all immediately become so pro in makeup uoollls. Plus, lots of goodies will be given out from the sponsors above. Berpinar mata kite tau tgk list sponsor :p And I am sure we will enjoy the whole day to the maxxx. Maigadddd go whatsApp the given number now. Don't wait, go go go! Eyp, before that let's spend some time to watch the #MakeupDeskEvent2017 promo-video below alright? :*


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