Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A fresh start.

Heyya, I'm back!

Yeah. With a real-fresh-start! Don't be surprise with the zero post cuhs I'm gonna work on it after this. Hope it'll be consistent forever :)

So how do things goin on? Tentulah semua uni students sekarang ni sibuk balik ke kampung halaman masing-masing kan. I boleh bayangkan how tiring it is angkat barang-barang especially for those who lived on the fourth floor. Yeah for real, I was having the same experience likeeeee, emmm 3 days agooo. Glad that I finished my final exam early so nobody could see me panting while carrying my cloth-stuffs and all. hehe!

Baiklah, since few days left before we reach Ramadan, I would like to wish you Selamat Berpuasaaa! Hoping that we all can still be in this most precious month again. In Shaa Allah.  

Till then. 

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