Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lunch with my girl

It was a very beautiful day since we managed to go to KK city without difficulties. Note that the weather here in KK is keep changing between its two seasons which are hot and raining. However, we still feel grateful and believe in His mercy :)

Lunch with my girls has always be one of the thing that I have been look up to because that is the only time I can have more precious moment with them apart from chatting over Whatsapp and having a sweet-talk through a phone call. Because later at night, I am more comfortable to be at home with family. Plus, my parents does not allow us to do any outside activity after 6 without them watching, so that's the other thing. (Maghrib in Sabah is one hour early than in Peninsular). Well I know people might think its quite kekampungan nowadays but I'm cool with that so far :)

The plan of the day was jalan-jalan cari makan kononnya (cewah) but we only managed to go to two places because we don't have much time. Just imagine, we spent almost two hours to finish our food because of the big portions. Oh of course, we did our best of not wanting to waste anything teeheehee but at last, still cannot afford to finish everything. We're so sorry foods :/

Don't mind my face. I was just too hungrayyy :p

The first stop was a Korean concept dish named DubuYo, which is located in Imago KK Time Square. A little info, Imago Mall is still new in KK, it was officially opened on May 2015 if I am not mistaken. So everything here is new and many of the shopping lot are still close. However, we thank god because most of the restaurants are open so we have a few choices to choose! :p

Happiness it is!

Oh! We didn't take a lot of photo here since both of us were so hungry as it was already 2 pm. So right after they served our food, we immediately ngappp!!! hihi. The food was okay. But I am not really a fan of Korean cuisine actually. Just wanna give it a try since I love watching Korean peoples enjoy their food. I mean, they really make the dishes looks so delicious and tempting right? Haha. Overall, I give 2.5/5 since I don't really love the taste (but Fara said it tasted good). Different people, different taste kot hehe. But I do love the restaurant's name. Feels so cute. Comel right dubu-dubuyo?

As I mentioned before, the portion was quite big for me with plenty ingredients inside. Considering the price, I think it was reasonable and affordable.

After that, we went to Oceanus Mall which is also new here, but it was opened earlier than Imago. It is located nearby the Imago Mall, with a beautiful view of ocean at the back of the building which simply gives us a clear idea on how it got the name, Oceanus.

Awhhh I just love the view!

Nunpat Cafe in Oceanus was our next destination. Since the mall was launched, Nunpat has been a favourite place for people to stay over and hangout (lepak, in other word), especially by teenagers. Its signature menu is the Korean bingsu, which is the ice-shaved dessert with sweet toppings on it such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, chocolate, cake, and many more. 

The interior deco

Fara being anti-social friend hahaha
Oh yes, please meet Fara, my forever partner in collecting saturated fat :p

So this is how the bingsu look alike that I've been telling you guys. I guess my expectation was so high since I didn't want to give this five stars as well hahaha! But of course, I didn't try all of the flavor in the menu yet. So others may be more uplifting. This is called chocolate bingsu. Not bad. I give it four over five. Fara had already tried other flavors and said it was scrumptious! So I guess it's just me who always expect too much or I am just a lil fussy. At the end, I was craving for masakan kampong pedas pula di rumah. Hahahaha. Maigaaddd dasar citarasa kampong I am! :p

After all, it was a wonderful day.
The highlight is that I love being with my friend so much especially the one who understand me and always be there for me. Thankyou so much :') Hopefully our beautiful friendship would last forever. Amin ya Rabb.

And I also wish all of you reader would enjoy your life with your friends too.
Perhaps we are cyberspace friend right? :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Test and trial

Hi there!

It's raining outside now and I kinda love the weather and enjoying it sambil minum #tehkurus :p
It reminds me of the first time I created this blog, it was during a rainy day back in December, 2010. Quite nostalgic right? hehehe

I guess it is not too late to wish all readers (if got any! lol) Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Mulia, Ampun Maaf Dipinta, Mensuci Hening Desaa? Ha kauu! I also included raya song Kerana Dirimu Begitu Berharga tau cewahhh

Alhamdulillah, Raya is really meaningful this year. It's bringing a lot of fun and laugh and angpow of course, and I also gained extra weight (hm not really want to mention this actually) and I was really excited because I still had the chance to visit and get to know my relatives which I rarely known, mixing and blending with orang sekampong whilst enjoying a lot of juadah raya (awwhh masih terbayang-bayang!). I kenot ah like thisss!

Belanja selfie cikeddd :p

However, one week after raya, I was actually having a fever :(. I could not eat anything during that seven days because I had lost my appetite to eat. Everything felt bitter because of the sore throat. Plus, this package also came along with headache, risen body temperature,weak body which has made me sleeping all day.

Well that was the first time I ever had a fever for seven days long. SubhanAllah that was really painful. I asked Allah to give me strength to face this test and Alhamdulillah, I managed to recover without have to trouble anyone (I hope so) and, thank God I am in the middle of semester break so it is not really hard since I can stay at home for the time being.

I was still able to take care of myself (when my parents weren't there because they have to work) and cooked dinner for my parent and enjoyed the food together with them on the fifth day of my sickness :').

Idk about you, but the feeling of watching my parent enjoying the dishes that I cook is the best feeling ever. Even though they did not ask me to cook for them but I still want to do it, sedap or not I don't know and don't care pun, the most important is clean and safe right? hehehe.

And I just don't know why I wanted to do it while they can just buy food from any restaurant. Thanks to Allah because even when I was sick, I can still got up and cooked for my parent and it wasn't hard at all. Even though this is not a really big thing for you, but it is for me. Maybe because I was rarely at home I guess (sebak sebentar ya).

It's not my intention to make this a sad story though. I just wanted to tell you that every test that Allah gives us is for our best. Allah, the all merciful and most merciful does not give a person a load too heavy for him to carry. So don't forget to pray and ask from him a strength. He knows the best. This is so much reflecting the ayat in Qur'an where; Allah does not impose on any self any more than it can bear. For it is what it has earned; against it, what it has brought upon itself. (Surat al-Baqara, 286)

Ma shaa 'Allah, He is the greatest after all.
Keep praying and have faith in Him :)

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Resepi Kek Coklat Moist Sedap Meleleh


Tajuk over sikit takper, dimaafkan sebab dah lama tak blogging dan tiba-tiba wujud semula like, kau pahal? Sebenarnya saja tulis resepi ni so lepasni boleh terus rujuk sini tanpa tercari-cari lagi resepi yang mudah dan sedap namateyy macamni. Oh sebelum terlupa, resepi ni credit to namee roslan. Thanks sebab kek namee ni sangat simple dan khusus untuk orang malas tapi teringin nak makan sedap. Kah. Serius, sebelum ni aku bake mesti kureng sikit sampai terpaksa jadi gemuk sebab kena melantak sensorang (ayat klise sedih) bcz nobody loves my cakeee T.T But minta perhatian ya semua, this time guna resepi namee ni iolls siap buat 2-3 kali dan diberi confirmation takkan gemuk sorang 

Gambar 6 bulan lepas diambil dari IG sendiri. Lama tak lama takper yang penting ada ya dak? hihi

Bahan-bahan pun senang yang amatlah nak cari and make sure semua bahan ni mesti ada ok:

1. Tepung gandum
2. Gula perang
3. Serbuk koko Van Hauton (tapi kalau tak ada boleh guna brand lain)
4. Butter
5. Full cream milk dutch lady satu kotak kecil
6. Susu pekat manis
7. Soda bikarbonat
8. Baking powder
9. Minyak masak
10. 3 biji telur
11. Essence vanilla

So basically kek moist ni ada tiga mixture: Hitam, putih dan kuning. Haa, nama mixture tak tahan haha. Kalau nak tau kenapa, kena buat dulu baru tau ok? :p

Mixture hitam
1. 1 cawan gula perang
2. 1 cawan susu full cream
3. 1/2 cawan susu pekat manis
4. 1 cawan minyak masak 
5. 1 cawan serbuk koko

Masukkan semua bahan dalam periuk, masak dengan api yang kecil tau kalau tak nanti gemok sensorang lagi padan muka. Gaul sampai semua bahan sebati oke 

Mixture putih
1. 1 1/4 cawan tepung
2. 1 sudu kecil/sudu teh soda bikarbonat
3. 1 sudu kecil/sudu teh baking powder

Masukkan semua bahan dalam satu bekas sebab kita nak ayak tepung, so that tepung tak ada yang ketul-ketul. Barulah end product cake kita halus moist je bagaikan profesional gitteww. Tak lah nampak sangat tangkap muat kan kekkekekeke

Mixture kuning
1. 3 biji telur
2. 1 sudu kecil/ sudu teh essence vanilla

Pecahkan telur dan kacau sebati bersama esen vanila

Kalau dah ada tiga mixture ni dah boleh campur ketiga-tiga ikut arahan bawah ni:

1. Mixture kuning masukkan dalam mixture hitam. Kacau sebati.
2. Lepastu barulah mixture putih masukkan dalam mixture hitam+kuning tadi. Gaul lagi sampailah sebati, and make sure no flour globbing together barulah boleh kukus.
3. Kukus 1 jam 20 minit.
4. Then bolehlah buang masa tengok tv main bola ke apa sementara tunggu kek tu kan. Nak buat terus topping ganache pun boleh tapi lagi best kalau kita buat masa kek dah masak sebab lagi fresh

Ganache meleleh

Untuk topping, aku tak buat macam yang namee buat tu. Sebab aku lagi suka ganache yang sentiasa cair and moist dan tak keras. Bila masuk dalam icebox pun still cair. So siapa agak-agak taste kita sama ikutlah ye. hehe

Resepi aku ambik dari K.Nor @secubitgaram. Memang leleh kauuu. Macam dalam gambar atas

Bahan ganache:

1. 300 gram coklat masakan (ikutlah nak banyak mana tapi untuk resepi kek ni coklat memang banyak gils tapi puas hati)
2. 1 sudu besar susu pekat
3. 1/2 cawan susu cair
4. 2 sudu besar mentega
5. 1/4 cawan air panas

Panaskan susu cair+susu pekat guna kaedah double boiler.
Masuk coklat masakan, kacau sampai cair.
Padam api, masukkan butter. Kacau lagi sampai cair.
Curahkan 1/2 ganache ni atas kek yang dah siap masak tadi (kalau boleh yang masih panas sebab masa tengah panas-panas lagi senang meresap ke dalam, so lagi umph la rasa kek tu). Pastu biar meresap 15-30 minit.

Dah meresap, panaskan lagi lebihan ganache tadi guna kaedah sama, dan masukkan air panas, kacau sebati then curah sekali lagi atas kek.
Bila dah sejuk, masuk icebox. 

SIAPPPPPPPPPP yeyyy. Malam-malam bolehlah menikmati seisi keluarga. 
Memang sedap serius. Trylah buat. :D

*ganache memang agak banyak so kalau ada lebih boleh simpan dan dijadikan jem untuk makan-makan roti ke ala-ala nutella la bak hang. Jimat sikit haha

Maaf sebab tak ada gambar step by step. Kalau nak tengok step by step boleh pergi ke resepi asal dekat blog namee ok? :)